UPDATE 31/05/2020

Move to Managed Play from 01/06/2020

Following further guidance received from the LTA on 31/05/2020 we can now move from Restricted Play to a new Managed Play Strategy.

Managed Play Strategy – updated 08 06 2020

This includes allowing doubles play in the club.

Respectfully we point out and ask that everyone adheres to the 2m distance guidance – this will help us offer you a safe exercise environment.

In addition anyone showing symptoms of Coronavirus is advised to follow the government guidance on test and trace;

Test and Trace

Any questions about this strategy  can be directed to Steve Maslen 

Any questions about coaching opportunities can be directed to Tracy Brown

You are also welcome to direct any feedback or other requests to Andy Pelling



UPDATE 22/05/2020

Restricted Play Strategy Updated

Restricted Play Strategy – updated 22 05 2020 

We are now allowing members to book more than one session per day.

Each session must be with one player only.

If further clarification is needed please contact Steve Maslen



UPDATE 13/05/2020

Restricted Play Strategy Updated

Restricted Play Strategy – updated 13 05

We welcome members back to the club today to play tennis.

The club have implemented Restricted Play in order to help us provide an environment for exercise that is as safe as we can make it.  Should you feel that any areas can be improved as a result of your experience in the club please provide feedback to the following email address; 

Stay safe – Be Alert – Follow the rules – Enjoy your tennis!



UPDATE 12/05/2020

Restricted Play Strategy Updated

Restricted Play Strategy

As a member of the club you will have to adhere to the rules we have adopted within this strategy.

We need to make sure that tennis in the club is safe for members.

If anyone has specific questions (and I am sure there will be many) then feel free to direct these to myself or Steve Maslen and we will try and help where possible.

Lastly – thank you – we have a wonderful club – we want to ensure all members can play and enjoy tennis;

Stay safe – Be Alert – Follow the rules – Enjoy your tennis!!!

Torquay Tennis Club




UPDATE 12/05/2020

Following on from the government announcement ref exercise outdoors yesterday and the LTA confirmation that singles tennis will be allowed from Wednesday I want to take the opportunity to make it clear where the club is right now and what we are doing.

In addition I have today received emails where a member from 2019/20 with 8 days to play on his membership has become concerned that the online booking is not open to him now as the LTA have said he can play tennis from Wednesday.

Therefore so it is clear for all of us – as of 9.45am this morning;

The Club is closed and remains closed today.

The club will not reopen until we have full LTA guidance and have implemented that guidance. This is because we have to ensure safety for all staff and members when we reopen.

If this guidance is received today I will be working hard along with other Committee members, Steve and Tracy to open the booking system and the club as soon as is physically possible to do so.

When it is open we will let you know by email and the club website.

We do not envisage anyone being allowed to play tennis without booking prior to their arrival.

Please do not travel to the club at all until you have a confirmed booking to play tennis. You will be able to do this online when we open the court booking – this is the only way you will be able to play tennis as a member. If anyone has not registered for online booking through ClubSpark please contact Steve as he is on hand to deal with this matter and ensure as many people as possible have access to the system as this will prevent disappointment.

We are very likely to open in a slow and controlled manner to ensure everyone’s safety – their will be opportunities for all members to play tennis.

Your committee and staff are absolutely keen to get you all back playing – we also want to remain open and keep everyone safe. Please bear with us. While the government have said from Wednesday it is clear that we cannot possibly get everyone on court at 9am on 13/05/2020.

I personally thank you for your patience and cooperation at this time. This is a great club and if we get it right we will all be able to enjoy some much needed physical and mental exercise.

I hope to speak with you later again today. Please do not respond to this email – if anyone has any specific questions that have not been answered here please either email myself at or Steve at

Best wishes

Chairman – Torquay Tennis Club Ltd


UPDATE 11/05/2020

The LTA have today announced tennis can commence in a Restricted manner from Wednesday.

Please be assured your Committee and Club Manager are working hard to get the club ready to open in a safe manner as soon as possible.

We are awaiting further details and guidance and will communicate further via website and email as soon as we can. The club remains closed until we provide further information.

LTA message

Playing Tennis During Lockdown

The below provides an update following the Prime Minister’s statement on Sunday 10 May:

England – Return to Restricted Play

Following further clarifications we have received from Government, tennis activity in England will be able to take place outdoors from Wednesday with singles play only, other than where players are all from the same household in which case they can play doubles.

We’re finalising full guidance for players, coaches and venues and aim to share this as soon as possible,


UPDATE 10/05/2020

LTA Update this evening reads as follows;

We are continuing to work with Government on the relevant clarifications required to ensure further advice is provided to the tennis community as soon as possible and in advance of Wednesday (13 May), when tennis will be playable between members of the same household.

The club awaits this update before making any further announcements or changes to our Restricted Play strategy.


Government update


Boris Johnson has addressed the nation. His key messages are below.

However please be aware that the club is awaiting LTA guidance before making any decisions about the potential to play tennis in the club. We will therefore update all members further over the coming days.

Key messages;

  • Likely to be further updates tomorrow
  • Madness to allow a second spike – stay alert to control the virus and save lives
  • People are fearful of disease and also fearful of how the inactivity will affect well being
  • Plan to address both – roadmap to reopen – sense of way ahead – when and how – more details in Parliament tomorrow
  • Conditional plan – priority to protect and save lives – meet 5 rules including not risk a second peak
  • Covid alert system – detailing 5 levels based on the R rate
  • Level 5 is the most critical – Level 1 means disease is no longer in UK – currently going from level 4 to 3 in steps
  • UK has to reverse epidemics in care homes and NHS
  • World beating system to test and trace contacts
  • Data is helping understand the disease better
  • Will be able to detect “local flare ups”
  • R number is just below 1 – not fulfilled all of five rules
  • Not time to end lockdown
  • Steps to change and modify
  • Work from home – go to work if you can’t
  • Guidance for employers to make workplaces secure
  • Maintain social distancing
  • From Wednesday – more and unlimited exercise – play sports BUT only within own households
  • 2nd step – Not before June 1st – phased opening of shops and schools
  • 3rd step Not before July 1st – hospitality industry opening

Follow advice, keep social distancing – keep R down


Notice served that quarantine of foreign arrivals at airport.


Monitoring progress locally – will not hesitate to “put on brakes”


Stay alert – control the virus – say lives


Update 10/05/2020

The nation awaits the 7pm address from Boris Johnson to learn about how the lockdown restrictions may be eased in the coming days and weeks.

Please rest assured that the club will be listening to the governments messages and after this announcement will take additional guidance from the LTA. 

Once we have absorbed the relevant guidance we are likely to need some time to implement all of the relevant safety measures so that when we open the Tennis Club we do so in a safe manner for everyone.

Therefore please be aware that we will communicate any further updates with all members as soon as we possibly can.


UPDATE 30/04/2020

We sincerely hope everyone is well and safe. The Lockdown continues to protect and save lives and as a result the Club remains closed.

Following a Committee meeting this week we have today updated the Restricted Play Strategy as we have agreed to remove the £2 booking fee for paid up members when we do return to play.

It is likely that we may have to update this document again when further guidance become available however we hope it helps provide any information you need in relation to what tennis may look like in the near future.



UPDATE 23/03/2020

As a result of tonight’s announcements the club is closed until further notice. Thank you to all our members for the support to date – we will be in touch but for now stay safe and healthy – Best wishes.


Coronavirus update as at 22/03/2020

Government guidance is clear – to help save lives stay home.

Given this we face a difficult decision as to how long we keep the club open and how we should allow play to take place.

To help us the LTA are currently providing guidance which states;

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport has specifically advised us that tennis is one of the best examples of social distancing in practice, and so should be encouraged as long as the guidance permits.

You will appreciate we cannot offer an open member facility where anybody can turn up and play at any time and utilise all of the facilities normally associated with membership. 

Therefore we will now work to a Restricted Play Strategy.

Restricted Play Strategy

  • This will limit the number of people in the club at any one time.
  • It will allow us to ensure we follow the LTA guidance for venues.
  • It will ensure our coaches remain safer while working in the club.
  • We want it to stop any “at risk” member from coming to the club.
  • We feel it allows a safer environment for members to enjoy a game of tennis during these challenging periods.

Allow you to book and secure a court in a safer environment for a small fee.  This will help support the club and allow us to understand who is playing on the courts at any time to help keep everyone as safe as we can.

We understand that it may not suit everyone however it is the safest option we have other than full closure. Should we move to full closure in the coming days and weeks we will of course update you.


Once again – thank you for your patience and understanding. Please stay safe and help save lives.



Coronavirus update as at 21/03/2020

Many of you will have received an email this morning telling you that the Clubhouse is now closed (including toilets and changing rooms) in line with the latest advice and guidance which was updated last night.

With immediate effect the club is adapting a “Restricted Play Strategy” .

Full details of this strategy will be available on the website from Monday but will be based on the member email sent today.

Basically we will continue to offer the ability to play tennis over the coming weeks while we are able BUT we are absolutely committed to encouraging all members to adhere to the Governments and NHS guidance to try and help reduce social interaction between people in order to reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Before coming to the club please read the following link;

Should you decide to come and play tennis under the “Restricted Play Strategy” you will need to fully comply with the clubs requests. 

Some of the current LTA recommendations we are following within this strategy are as follows;

  • Closure of all social spaces at a venue, including changing and toilet facilities
  • Use online booking for courts and sessions where at all possible
  • A buffer period be implemented between court booking slots to allow time for players to leave before next players arrive
  • Activity should only take place where travel to and from the courts can be done in a way compliant with social distancing advice, with players not travelling together unless they are part of a group residing in the same place
  • Activity should be in line with the Government’s advised social distancing measures at all times(defined by Public Health England as spending no more than 15 minutes and not within a 2-metre distance talking to someone), including when arriving to and departing from a court
  • If you are not confident that you can adhere to the social distancing guidance when undertaking tennis and coaching activity in doubles format, you should only facilitate activity with two players per court
  • Players are advised not to change ends during play
  • Coaches to avoid close proximity when giving feedback, or when players are resting
  • Ensure no physical contact between players during warm-ups or games
  • No extra-curricular or social activity should take place

Tomorrow we need a pause as this week has taken a massive effort to stay on top of the guidance –  for that reason the club will be closed all day Sunday 22nd March.

Online Booking is available for next week on OUTDOOR COURTS only.

Latest LTA guidance link below;

Latest government advice on Social Distancing link below, 


Please be aware that any of the above may change without notification being given.






Coronavirus update as at 20/03/2020

The Club has been emailing members with regular updates on how we are dealing with the current Coronavirus guidance and will continue to do so.

We will also update the website as we progress over the coming days and weeks.

  • As of today our position is that the club remains open to its members and visitors for the purposes of playing tennis (however we do ask you to consider all of the latest advice from the government prior to playing and if you are in an “at risk” category or have symptoms within your family please do not visit the club).
  • Our staff are currently still working – we politely ask you to also consider their health and wellbeing while in the club by keeping at distance from them and by following all of the available guidance at this time.
  • We encourage all players on a court to keep a safe distance from each other and that you have no physical contact with each other such as handshaking.
  • We also ask you to consider the benefits of using new balls given more than one person will likely touch them during your game.
  • The Clubhouse has been kept open for the purpose of hand washing facilities and toilet use – we recommend that you do not use it for any socialising purposes at this time.
  • Please wash your hands prior to playing tennis and after playing tennis and then leave the Clubhouse
  • Junior Pay and Play sessions will not go ahead tomorrow 21/03/2020 – we will update you as to when the next Junior Pay and Play session will be held as soon as we can.
  • All club coaching squad sessions scheduled for next week are at this time going ahead – Coaches have been updated by the LTA to ensure they exercise precautions for these sessions – please contact your coach prior to your session for details of what to expect –
    it is the final week of the current term. We will inform you of the dates for further squad sessions as soon as we can.
  • All coaches are still able to run 1;1 coaching sessions at this time. Again, they have been updated by the LTA to ensure they exercise precautions for these sessions – please contact your coach for details and availability.
  • Online booking is still available at this time – however we do encourage outdoor play. Please be aware that should advice change the indoor facility may be deemed out of bounds and temporarily deflated.
  • Should the club have to close to its members any length of closure will be considered and paid up members will not be penalised for this loss of time. Membership enquiries continue to be dealt with by Steve Maslen – please email or telephone if you have any enquiries.

We thank everyone of you for your continuing support within the club as this allows us to have a high chance of getting through this unprecedented event.  We will do our very best to continue to provide high quality playing facilities while we can.

Please be aware that any of the above may change without notification being given.

Would you please also pay consideration to the dedication and hard work of our NHS workers as well as other professionals and that they all need our help to reduce the effects of this virus.

For the latest NHS Guidance please follow this link

For the latest LTA guidance please follow this link—latest-advice/

For the latest government guidance please follow this link